The summer was balmy

And the air hung like Indian muslin.

A somnolent lethargy overtook me

As I lay in my hammock

By the pond, hidden among weeds,

Whose surface shone speckled

By water’s sheen breaking through pondscum.

A sudden stir in the air above pond,

A glimmer of irridiscent colors!

A dragonfly was flitting upon the pond,

Transparent wings flashing colors

From metallic patches-

Red, brown, yellow, blue .

Helicoptering above, it lit

Upon a lily pad, compound eyes swirling

Its encircling globular vision searching, 

A predator seeking prey.

But Fate decrees its tragic moments.

The unwary dragonfly foolishly forgot

The predator in the shallows.

A sudden splash and whiplike motion!

A bullfrog leapt up mouth opening,

Flicking its long and sticky tongue out,

And captured the hapless dragonfly.

Thus marked the end

Of a predator by a predator.

It Just Happened

Morning dew pearled

On blades of grass

And the wetness stang

My bare toes

Which felt the coolness

Of the September nip.

Nimbly passing

The wayward pebbles,

I rushed pell- mell

Towards the gurgling waters

Which sprayed crystal drops.

Almost reaching the stream,

Sparkling in the morning rays,

I stubbed my toes

On a stubborn rock

Which accosted me.

The sudden impact

Catapulted the feckless me

Into the chilling waters

And I came up spluttering,

 Water spurting from nose and mouth,

Clothes drenched and clinging.

Opened eyes awakened me

To gladly find that I was dry

And it was all a dream!