Life in Silvery Lights

A silver strand gleamed

On my black woollen coat;

The static made it cling!

I gazed in wonder

How it winked in spots

Where a black strand would’ve

Shown shades of brown

On inky background.

I looked in the oval mirror-

I saw a white-backed skunk

In place of my head!

Shades of gray and silver

Covered the top of head,

Black swathes radiating 

Points from the middle.

Below black took over

With strands of silver

Streaking undergrowth,

Defining my head

In ombre color scheme.

I saw my youth drop black

While gleaming gray

Took over with age,

Letting me acknowledge

The passage of time

And mutability.

Life Goes On

The sere fallen leaves
And the shattered broken fence
Witness waning life.
The rocks, dank and dark,
By ev’rgreens and year-end grass
Take forboding stance.
Like sheep in a meadow,
We are herded, mute ‘n servile,
In foggy terrain.
The scaly serpent writhes
Amid rough and tumbled rocks.

Lord God made them all!

I live upon thorns
To feed on bitter berries,
And yet, life goes on.

By the gnarled, bleached tree
And the weathered rocky crags,
The green of hope grows!