God’s Own Time

They came down in fits and starts

Some yellow, some red, some ochre,

Even some green

With dingy browns.

They lay in clusters, in clumps,

In piles, even solo- in rude disarray.

Gone! Gone are days of verdure-

Denuded,divested, dishabille-

The boughs reached out

Splayed twiggy fingers

Into mournful emptiness.

The leaden skies vaulted,

In a dirge of silence,

Above the strewn landscape

Of shorn leaves and hidden sod.

Ebbing! Life’s ebbing moments,

In leafy metaphors, spoke in volumes

The sad tales of waning loves,

Of despair and despondence,

Of the fizzling fights

And of creeping seconds

That dwindle into nothing.

Then, ceasing toil and tremor,

Life lies down in placid content

Waiting for God’s Own Time!

On A Deck By The Adriatic

Silver poured out

From the full moonface 

And molten light shone

Upon crinkled waters.

Wind rose above

And tides leapt up,

Tossing the vessel not too gently. 

The wavelets rose in height

And foamed in undulating lines

The walker on the deck swayed,

But stepped briskly forward

While the increasing turbulence

Whipped the long strands

Into a disarray of Medussa hair.

The threads of snakes lashed

At cheeks and eyes,

Clouding sight and sound.

Rocking and rolling,

The vessel sailed

While the passengers swayed

As if mimicking drunken sailors.

The solitary walker forged ahead,

Enduring buffets and onslaught, 

Resolute and firm,

To face another fury,

To face another day-

To face an unkind future.


Mycroft enters

And there is sunshine.

Exuberant and Happy,

This child looks,

His eyes seeking knowledge.

His face wreathed

In joyous smile,

His hand reaches out

To touch my face

With eager fingers

And darting moves

To know me,

To love me.

Thus he enters 

Into my life!

One cannot help

But love

This blithe spirit

Of radiance,

A being that brought

Light into my days

Of pandemic doldrums.

Cycle of Life

Spring has unhooked

The clasps of winter

After the friendly raindrops

Soaked the gelid  ground.

The gold green of rebirth

Turned to the lushness of summer,

The succulent greens

Foreshadowing the plenitude

Of the coming harvest.

Aureate and rufous,

The leaves blazened the orchards

And the ripening gourds 

Hung down the vines

While the nutshells

Filled with sweet kernels.

Life shifted with time

Marked by the cathedral chimes

And the harvest moon

Shed luminance 

Upon the carpet 

Of browns and grays

Of mud-soaked leaves

On the hardening soil

Going frigid

Under the winterfall .

Snow flurries descended,

Gentle as angel wings

Or as harsh as flying arrows

In icy winds.

Through window panes

As clear as crystal

Or clouded with water streaks

Filtering the sun,

I waited for reawakening,

For another cycle of life.




When did grey clouds appear

Suddenly to blot out my sunshine?

The leaden sky loomed

Above my light-filled thoughts

And my gladness wavered

To fill me with morbid thoughts.


Why did my moods change

When images crowd in

To misshape my feelings,

To color my emotions,

And to play hide-and-seek

Through the portals of my mind?


My window panes, 

Often streaked with crystalline drops

Of yesterday’s rains,

Made me witness the changes

In the outside world

In perplex reactions.


And should I change too?

Why can’t  my rainbows 

Stay iridescent always

To make all my days

Sunny and bright?


Tears are not mere salty drops

Shed from bloodshot eyes.

They are squeezed out

From broken hearts

And lacerated lives.

Often unnoticed

And hidden from knowing eyes,

They go uncherished.

Yet, they are precious-

Priceless pearls pulsating

With every heart beat

Of living hearts.

They tell the tales

Of moments in life;

They tell the tales

Of excruciating poignancy.



I cannot ask;

I will not ask.

Denial mortified me!

can only take

What is freely given.

I am not moss; 

I am not vine. 

I do not cling; 

I do not burden.

I am just me!


Whisper of God

There is no one to share my laughter; 

There is no one to wipe my tears.

In the waning rays of the sun,

I see the twilight of my years;

Shadows of coconut leaves crisscross

In the fading light like a lattice of memories.

Summer gales have ended

The green tumult of my youth;

I sit in solitude,

As autumn glides in aureate breeze

WIth gentle touches around my face

Calming the bygone vagaries and upheavals

Into maturing reflections 

Of clemency and purgation.

In these quieted moments, 

The fragrance of dusk wafts in

The redolence of jasmine and nightqueen

Spiced with the pungent lantana.

I look far into the bamboo grove

Where slender trunks rise up to the sky,

Swaying in the breeze, bowing right and left.

I hear the suspiration and sussuration 

Of grassy leaves conversing

And I hear the whisper of God

Granting benediction.






I of Today

I became a person

I was not

When I said,”Yes”

At the altar.

In my twilight years,

In my solitude,

When I was 

No more a green girl

In a world

Of social distancing

And self isolation,

I reverted back

To the undomesticated,

Totally oblivious me.

But years have added

Grains of wisdom

And I am, no more,

Totally clueless.

I have come to relish

Sweet memories

Of love and romance

Of yesteryears

And the filial

And sibling bonds


With maternal

And grandmaternal

Cares and doting.



Winter stays reluctant to leave

 And spring waits in the shadows; 

The frozen grass is stubbornly stiff

And the sleeping buds refuse to open.

Regrets stay buried

Frozen under the ice

Hesitant to be taken out

To thaw and to correct.

What right do I have

To bury my regrets

To start a new life,

Pristine and unblemished?