of a not so rosy world


Love in Spring

I breathed love

In Spring’s fragrance

When cherry blossoms showered

Soft white ovals

On my palms,

On my hair,

On my lashes

And on my nosetips,


With the flutter of gentle breeze

When I walked on cushioned softness

Under my feet, on the white carpet

Which smoothed the green spikes

Of the meadow grass.



Grief has a way of showing up

When least expected.

One may be

In the middle of muddled thoughts,

In the middle of celestial imagination,

In the middle of frenzied activity,

In the middle of mundane packing

Or in the middle of old missives.


Grief raises its head

Unprovoked, uninvited,

It’s tentacles gripping,

Giving intense pain

And vivid longings.


Grief colors my thoughts

In my daily routines;

It enthralls my spirit

And I am a captive, helpless.


I seek relief

From entrapped feelings

Of what has gone before

And what will never happen.


I search for alleviation

In fantasy and romance

And found faux panacea!

Love’s Presence

Love is a conundrum:

I pondered and ruminated

On a pensive afternoon

And plucked daisy petals to answer

Loves me , loves me not” question.

The gentle balmy breeze

Of the mild midsummer

Snuggled close to me

And wafted soft breaths

Towards my cheeks,

Caressing tenderly,

The wisps and tendrils of hair

Touching and soothing,

Leaving lover’s kisses.

The warmth brushed my skin,

Comforting me, engulfing me-

And I felt love beside me.

Love and Life

Love and life shook hands

And squeezed the grape of ecstasy to a pulp.

The ecstasy passed in a twinkling,

But the purple stain is left behind,

The stain of memories that linger

To the distraction of mind and soul.


Thoughts unravel

In moments of loneliness

Or, is it in solitude?

Days have become droplets of time

Crashing into the ones before

With no thoughts given

To any meaning or certitude.


I breathe clouds,

Suspiration fogging life’s mirror.

Clarity has escaped

And there were no answers.

Is it a vacuum I exist in

Or, am I in the woods

On meandering paths

Blocked by brambles

Of tangled memories-

Some sweet, some bitter

And some bittersweet.

Where is the half-remembered youth

With its amorphous hopes

Which never furled

And withered on the wayside?

Dreams became fettered

And looked askance at love

That germinated

At odd moments

And flourished at random

To melt like feathery flakes

On nose to leave damp spots

To nurture in drought years.

In the twilight, the memories  twinkled

But the smudged lines obliterated

Crystalline memories

And left one baffled,

Reaching for the tangible,

Something to hold,

Something to feel,

To sustain a life left rudderless.


Seduction of Shakunthala

Dawn shook up and woke

With the sweetness of birdsong;

Crystalline  spray of cataracts

Stippled the verdure on the banks

Where river Malini sparkled in mischief

And washed the footpath

Of golden grains of sand

Mingling with polished pebbles.

Shakunthala yawned and stretched

And saw, with unexpected lassitude,

The morning sun peeking

Through the thatched eaves.

There was something in the air,

She mused without concern

And whiled away lazy moments

In anticipation

Of another humdrum day

In the hermitage.

At the threshold, she stood

At life’s ephemeral  moment

*Like an unworn gem,

*Like an unkissed bloom,

*Like an unplucked new leaf,

*Like an unsung melody,

*And untasted honey.

Though nubile, innocent she was,

Incognizant of the wiles

And worldly wickedness,

Living sheltered among sages!

The breeze was beckoning

And friends were waiting;

Down the footpath, she walked

Towards Malini’s shore,

Her heels digging deep into the sand

Marking her trodden path.

Some tremor tugged at her conscious self,

But she turned without thought.

She lifted her foot into her palm

As if to check for some unknown thorn!

What devious moment prompted her

To look towards the cluster of saplings?

Watching her with intent gaze

Was a resplendent creature,

A predator, albeit a king.

Facing that knowing look

Was the undoing of innocence.

There was no thorn in the sole,

But the disturbing tremor continued.

Two pairs of eyes met

In time old mating

And Shakunthala was lost

To her hermitage irrevocably

When she drowned in the eyes

Of the worldly wise monarch.

* Kalidasa

Looking Into the Horizon

As the waves roar in your ears,

As the foam kisses your feet,

As your toes wriggle into the sea-soaked sand,

As your nostrils quiver at the smell of brine

And as the salty breeze caresses your cheeks,

Look beyond the horizon

And see the wide expanse of a world

That does not pinch and pierce your imagination

And wrinkle your life into waning lines!

On A Spring Morning

The rain-washed grass glistened

In the pale morning sun;

The dew drops scintillated

Sending radiance through prisms.


The road serpentined along the banks

Of the  curvy Mohawk river

Which washed the foot rests of the bills

And mountains of the Adirondacks.


The lambant light of the early sun

Shone on the green-fisted valley

And the greens danced in varied vestitures

Starting with nature’s first green of gold

Sprinkled on mint greens and lime greens

Of the newly sprouted leaves

While the dark green of the conifers

Stood sentry to the vista of the Valley

And smudged into the crowns of distant peaks.


The river flows in an  arabesque

Of lines of movement and placid reverie,

Sluiced by the water gushing from open locks.

The reflected greens and shadows

Is a palette of varied values.


A paean of joy rose up in my breast

To exalt this feast of green glory and sunshine,

Full of promises to be fulfilled.


Homage to Annie

On the wings of fancy,

I travelled to Paradise,

Adventured in Arabia,

Climbed Olympus

And sparkled in fairy dust-

Timeless gifts

Of untold pleasures,

More precious

Than diadems and gems-

All showered from one

Whose voice is a memory

And whose gentle smile

Is pressed between pages

Of pensive recollections.


I stood in front of a name

Etched on the wall of monuments

And the face swam in front

Of eyes swimming in tears

And yearning for a look, a voice,

Or a smile!


I could not raise a sound

To pay homage to that voice

That stilled for our times;

My eyes could not open

To see those eyes bent in kindness

And the smile that blossmed

Perpetually, never wavering,

Never skewed in complaint,

Always taking in the arrows

Shot by life’s crossfire

It is the benefice

And benediction

Of my todays!



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Lily of My Heart

Lily of the valley

Spins not, weaves not-

But outdid Solomon in splendor!


Lily of my heart

Toils and strives;

The sweat of brow

Glistened every moment.

Yet, She outshone in splendor,

The beauty of her soul

Outshining the beauty of her surrounds.


There was the smile

That coated her days.

No complaint crossed her lips

And no whining marred

The music of her voice.


Lily sang out in dulcet tones,

Her life scripting the lyrics.

She provoked no one

And caused no turmoil,

But quietly bid farewell,

Ending her painful sojourn

On this land of travails.