Child in the Basket*

There was a child in the Basket

Who did not know what to do.

He sat for a while inside the big basket

While watching a movie

And looked at all the clothes

Strewn all around waiting to be folded.

He bent his legs to be comfortable,

But could not find a good position.

Meanwhile the movie went on

And his sisters folded their clothes.

The child felt like a victim

And pitied himself.

Yet, he chose no action.

Everyone left the room

And the child stayed behind,

Weeping hot tears that rolled

Down his cheeks,  leaving streaks.

What to do, the child wondered.

Reluctant to give in, he persisted

To remain obdurate

Waiting for some miracle

To relieve him from his task.

But, soon, the wondrous boy that he was,

He rose to the occasion

And stepped out of the basket

And folded all his clothes.

His dresser drawers proudly displayed

Neatly stacked pants and shirts!

*Inspired by my grandson Elijah who provided the first two lines

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