In the balmy evenings,

When dusk begins to shroud daylight,

Twinkling lights appeared

At random spots

And in random moments.


They were like stars

That descended to my surrounds.

It was so tempting to catch them,

To capture my own light!

In my palm, one sat blinking

Like dreams that come and go

Weaving its magic with my desires

That blink out before fulfilment.


I chased the fireflies of my life

And they became my captives

Inside the glass  jar of  my wants

To be kept with me for ever

And to dust magic into my days.


But, alas, my foolishness!

The light dimmed in the jar

And the fireflies winked out one by one,

Leaving me waiting for the day

I sight more fireflies

And start dreaming more dreams.


3 thoughts on “Fireflies

  1. Brings back memories – I call them nature’s fireworks! They are wonderful blinking off and on in our yard and surprising us as we sit on the porch. I hope you can spot them and capture more dreams – perhaps with the grandchildren! I remember the year we had Lily and Eli here overnight and wanted to take then to see fireworks. The closest were at Fonda and we thought they would be held at the break during races. We parked near the playground where lots of families with kids were. Lily and Eli had fun and when it got dark they chased the fireflies. They fell asleep before the actual fireworks – and only woke when the first one went off! We always laugh together about how they saw the firework ( no s ) since they only saw one go off! Liz

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