Many forms, many faces-

They parade every day!

Grief is among us

Every day,

In tangible nuances

Or concealed mourning!


One may cry till the Sahara

Bursts in bloom

Or one may be stoic

And be like the eternal stone

Unmoved outwardly;

One may go to the other Pole

And party incessantly

Or one may grieve wordlessly

Without any sigh or other signs,

Patiently repining.


There is grief in lost love,

There is grief in loneliness,

There is grief in rejection,

There is grief

In never being claimed,

There is grief in unexpressed love,

There is grief in abject desolation,

There is grief in eternal melancholy,

And there is grief

In a life that lived well, but transiently.


Grief is intense, not bland.

It grips with pincers

And leaves one

In an excruciating cauldron of pain

Or holds one in numbing hoops

That leave life drained.

Grief may come in periods

To lead life in fits and starts.

Grief can be pervasive

Or slovenly, keeping life out of focus.


But grief is untold!

Those who grieve

Choose their paths;

They strive to return

To a life before grief

Or pursue some open paths

To life’s untrodden choices.

4 thoughts on “Grief

  1. Wonderful writing! So many are feeling grief right now as a result of the election. Then there is the grief I am sure you feel since Varghares passed. It is all covered. Liz

  2. Hi Rosy! Great job! I like some of these expressions like “untold grief” it’s as though you’ve an uncanny angle to stare down grief. While it’s a reality that we live with, it’s also something we’d love to hate. Look at your first three lines. They certainly grab the reader’s attention. They are powerful and at the same time perhaps slightly, ever so slightly, wordy. Would they sound better without the so’s . Would “many” work better than “multiple”? Just wondering… very nice, Rosy. So long,

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