Our Times of Trouble

We live in troubled times. Our environment, our internet privacy, our public school education, our health care and our foreign relations are all at risk. Miasma of collusion between foreign powers and our political leaders is spreading far and wide, enough to threaten the sovereignty of our country and its election process.
We live in a republic. But we also enjoy some democratic features.  We have the right to vote in elections that determine the choice of our public officials who are responsible for the well being of our nation.  This right to vote is sacrosanct.  It should be exercised free and clear. If we are eligible to vote, we should also have an understanding of what and for whom we are voting. In short, we should make every effort to be educated about each political situation and the candidate involved. We should not allow ourselves to be distracted by fake news, Wikileaks and  other news venues with vested interests.
Ours is a world filled with political and business ‘Pinochios’.  “Alternate facts” and lies and half truths surround us. The air of mendacity is ‘ normal’ .  So it is important for the welfare of the land and people  to have a knowledgeable electorate. We should make an effort to learn about the candidates who run for public office.  We cannot afford to sit back and be neutral or ignorant about possible consequences. We should expect transparency from the candidates about their future policies and their political and business associations from which they profit. We cannot allow conflict of interest polluting our country’ s future.  We also need to know the activities of the said candidates.  Our knowledge is imperative because we are going to vote for someone who will hold the future of our town, county, state, or nation. We should not depend upon a single news source for our information; we should fact check periodically and keep dialogues open with our elected officials. Let them earn our trust by backing up their words with actions.  Besides, we should keep track of their voting records.
We have to rise up as responsible citizens.

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