Why are the members of the Congress so bent on not representing the American people?

“In blow to Obama, Senate blocks gun-control plan”

This headline indicates the tenor of our media and the politicians.  Instead of thinking about the good of the people, the interest is in scoring points.  In a democracy, the media’s role is very essential.  They are the ones to open the window into what is happening at the higher echelons of the government.  But, if the media takes sides, then how are we to  reach the truth of the realm?  The tear-jerking tales of all the gun related tragedies did not affect the law makers.  They were more concerned about their reelections or submitting to the self-interest groups.  There was no altruism in that voting.  The bill was not even very stringent in its expectations.  Yet, the callousness of the lawmakers was astounding.  the word ‘politician‘ should go back to its meaning in the Elizabethan times.

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