Early Childhood and the Formative Years

Arne Duncan: Universal preschool is a sure path to the middle class

It is agreed that the years before five are very important in the learning stages of a child.  In a natural process, the parents’ role at this time is crucial.  But, many children suffer from the lack of parental supervision and early intellectual and social stimulation.  We have a society that is failing our children.  The government and the educational pundits do no have the answers to our social malaise.  The preschool has its uses.  But, is that going to be enough if the home values and perceptions do not improve?  Are the parents and society willing to undertake to change themselves?

1 thought on “Early Childhood and the Formative Years

  1. That is the key- Are parents (and society) will to undertake change themselves?? Parents first – don’t give in to the pressures of “society”! – …Create a new environment instead. Liz

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