Latticed flakes, feather-light,
Floated down-eiderlike-
Amid the snowy florets.
In the winter hush,
Footfalls muffled
In the downy pavement;
On upturned faces
Crystal blooms,
In whispering touches,
Winked and vanished.
Twigs and branches
Gleamed in fairy luster,
In candy-sugar ice.
In the charmed wood
That lined the walks.
Winter’s brittle splendor,
In ethereal sheen,
Wafted into enchantment
And, alas, into transience.

3 thoughts on “Transience

  1. Rosy,
    I was delighted and impressed by your writings. The poems are very interesting and some very touching. I enjoyed them much. Your article on Chakkah is indeed very scholarly. I liked it very much.
    We share fond memories of Varghese and continue to pray for him and you. May he share everlasting life with our Lord. May God bless you!

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