My Bubble Life

Bubbles shimmer

And my life glints;

Some float in quickly,

Wink and blink in a trice.

Plain and nondescript,

They are the dull routines

Of my mundane life.

Some sparkle green

And waft towards me

As time and seasons passed.

My heart leaps up

At sprightly Springs

In refreshing hues,

At lush Summers

Fully blossomed,

At mellow Autumns

In ripe fruition,

And at pristine Winters,

At once brilliant and gray,

Burying memories.

But my soul opens

At the rainbow-splattered bubbles

Dancing towards me.

I try to snatch these-

My hopes and dreams.

But many dart away

Out of my grasp!

But I am rife with hope

To snare and trap

My rainbow bubbles

Of  fulfilled dreams.

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