So sudden it was

That so many left

Without even a goodbye,

Leaving voids

Not to be filled

By anything around.


Young or old, family or friend-

Into the sunset they walked.


And I was bereft, shedding tears

And dreaming dreams

That never happened

Or will never happen,

Seeking for a presence,

Reaching out

For what wasn’t there.


Crowds came in and out

Filling gaps in life,

But no one filled

The void in my heart.


More and more, I wallowed;

Loneliness knocked at the door.

I chose to let it in

And it clenched my head;

Pain entered without a welcome!


I groped in vagueness,

But found no hold.

I kept slipping

Into the vortex of grief.


But gentle memories

Tugged with insistent affection

And kept the edge of sadness

Stay open for the head to stay up

Without sinking into wild despair.

3 thoughts on “Departures

  1. Such a sad post. I hope that grandchildren have been able to lift your spirits as it sounds as if you need a lift. We just returned from our journey to CA and back with our new Dodge Ram van that was converted to a pop top in Sabastopol (near San Fransisco) Flew out April 7, visited Paul’s sister Carol in Placerville (near Sacramento) for a few days. Left CA on Friday , April 11 to drive back home. Visited places in Utah, Wyomming, Nebraska on the way. Stayed in Joliet, Illinois for a couple of days. Went into Chicago on the Metro on Sat and then had Easter dinner with my cousin Charlene who lives in Shorewood, near Joilet. Left there on Monday and drove home. Got here in time to go to DMV to renew registration on VW! Drove to Schenectady yesterday and got the VW van which now has a new transmission so we plan to sell it. Do you know anyone who wants to buy a 1995 VW Vanagon?? Back to all the yard work, house chores etc. Liz

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