Ruminations On April Fools’ Day

Are we life’s fools

That we suffer its vagaries?

We set out in our paths

From births to what ends?

Do we know where we are heading

Or who partners us in our sojourns,

Or what failures we endure

Or what successes we enjoy?

Do we know what loves we feel?

Do we know whom we love?

Do we know who abandons us?

Do we know who stays as our bulwarks?

Do we set up our dynasty?

Do we let our clans die out?

Do we leave angels behind?

Do we breed monsters?

Do we know the extent of our times?

Do we know how our times are shortened?

Do we realize our talents?

Do we waste our potentials?

Let us not be life’s fools,

But make our lives count.

Let us make the best of our lives

And leave life’s foolishness behind!

2 thoughts on “Ruminations On April Fools’ Day

  1. Rosy Good to read your writings once again. We returned from our Mediterranean cruise last Saturday and I am just catching up. Had to immediately turn my attention to final arrangements for the Tech Savvy Summit for Girls May 20. A note: the Union professor, Rebecca Cortez who Varghese recruited for our first Summit still is coming to present and she in turn recruited instructors from Siena College as well to do a session on Astronomy and Physics. His memory lives on. I believe you may be in Russia now. We can compare notes when you have returned. Liz

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