“Follow Me”

The Voice kept whispering,

“Follow me”!

What shall I do?

Follow the Voice?

What shall I carry to follow the Voice?

It spoke in dulcet tones,

It spoke with urgency,

It spoke with strength,

And it spoke with persuasion,

But I have baggages to carry.

Do I walk, run, or

Do I simply crawl?

I have bundles, I have aches,

I have sores, I have swellings,

And I have the huge hump on my back.

But, I heard the Voice

Distinctly and surely.

It tugged at me,

At my inner heart,

At my inner soul.

At my inner brain,

At my very being!

Do I hesitate?

Little hurdles impede my path;

Little imps waylay me.

But, I still heard the Voice,

Sometimes clearly, sometimes loudly,

Sometimes faintly and sometimes…

Awake! Listen to the clarion!

The call is there, but listen!

It is pulling me;

It threw the rope

And I clung, listening, listening…

It tugged and tugged

And kept me on the line

Until I reached the Valley,

The Valley of sunshine and spring,

Where the lion and the lamb

Grazed in complete accord

By the stream of eternity!.

1 thought on ““Follow Me”

  1. Finally got to read this as I go through back e-mails when we were on the cruise! You write so well,as I have said so many times! So much emotion is conveyed. I can envision that Voice motivating you onward and upward to happier times! By the way, I cut out the photos and articles in the Leader and Fulton Co Express regarding the plaque and ceremony celebrating Varghese. Very nice. We just got back from camping at Old Forge last weekend. We leave on Sat. for 2 weeks on the Cape. Liz

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