National Inefficiency in the Implementation of the New Health Care Program

Baby steps’ toward better health care

We are suffering from inefficiency.  Whether it is in the state governments or Federal agencies. we see hiring based on nepotism and cronyism.  The inefficiency may be laid to rest at the inadequacy and laziness of the workforce which implements the policies.  Those who supervise do not  take responsibility for those whom they should be supervising.  The educational malaise can be traced back to the administrators who are not educators and to political appointments of those who make  drastic changes in the implementation of educational reforms without any clue to  long range consequences.  Inbreeding in education when only locals are hired lead to a moribund state where there is no fresh ideas introduced.  The Affordable Care  Act appears to be suffering from the national inefficiency we had been enduring in the last few decades in most of the areas of our lives.

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