Media’s Veracity and The Health of Democracy

My Comment On:

‘60 Minutes’ retracts, apologizes for Benghazi report; CBS says it was misled by a source


Logan still retains her position!  Logan’s false story and Fox News’ reluctance to give up using it only show that the American media has corroded the process of democracy in a high handed way.  Fox had been so relentless in its objective in trying to control the minds of the electorate by dishing out false news and half truths that they are confident that they can decide which candidate will win.  In other words, Fox news wants to decide the election results in this country. The negative attacks have contributed to the derailment of the process of governing the country. The American people and their interests suffer.  In all grandstanding, the government shutdown and filibustering, the American common man reaped the consequences while the perpetrators of these actions are unaffected.  The irresponsible media has a major share in causing this destructive element blast its way into our democracy.  Those of us who are capable of thinking instead of being led like sheep can see the news stories leaning towards opinions rather than facts.  Some of us like to think for ourselves and expect facts when news is aired.  A healthy democracy depends on the veracity of its media.

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