The Common Core is not the problem

The problem is not with the Common Core and high standards. The problem is with the process of implementation.

Local school districts connect the Common Core with the monies they receive. So, the focus from the administrators is on the test scores only. This leads to coaching for tests and the scripted lessons provided by profit making companies through State Education Departments. The educational process narrows down and the students in many schools are going to be exposed to less and are going to be constricted to rote learning. The exploration, discussion, and ratiocination will not receive much emphasis. The constant barrage of tests prepared by Pearson’s non classroom educators is going to have a stranglehold on the process of learning.

One has to know what is actually happening in classrooms to be able to assess the impact of the Common Core. The high standards are worthy to be attained. But, are they going to be attained to be attained in the slipshod methods adopted by school districts?

In response to:

War on the Core by Bill Keller, New York Times, August 19, 2013

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