First Love

Here is my first love- my only love-

He lies buried under the sod;

Our shared headstone, a mute testament

Of oneness, in life and in death,

Eternally twined like the rings carved in.

Is he under the sod, my heart murmurs,

Do I meet him when I visit his resting place?

Thoughts wander at the site of the sod

Under which he lies in peaceful slumber.

But, I know that he is in our house

When I try to share a  joke and

I feel the whisper of a touch.

I murmur apologies at the chaotic house

Or at the forgotten or neglected tasks.

He is with me at the delicious moments,

Twinkling at the absurd and the ludicrous

These I share with no one else!

There are tears that gush at the untimely parting

And there is laughter and chatter

At the retelling of stories that he no longer is

A player or a partner on this side of eternity.

Often, I face the lonely precipice

And climb alone, reaching fingers

Straining to touch fate’s vagaries

And trying to dictate an alternate destiny!

2 thoughts on “First Love

  1. Beautiful but heart wrenching too. I hope and pray, things will get a little better as time moves forward, Rosy!

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