The Music Stopped

Suddenly, the music stopped

And my life went silent.

The one departed from my hearth,

My heart, and my life.

The breath cooled, fingers numbed,

And the light extinguished

In those tawny eyes

That sparkled with humor

And darkened in anger.

The recliner with marked fading

Is vacant, the forever busy reader

Absent from the cushions,

The constant drum of the brain

Forever silenced

By a careless medical world.

The world kept going

Without a pause,

The snow kept falling,

The sun kept shining,

And the days progressed.

The clock ticked on…

But, the music had stopped.

5 thoughts on “The Music Stopped

  1. That is such a beautiful tribute to Varghese. I can see him as I read the poem.

    My thoughts continue to be with you as you make it through another week without him in that chair. Liz

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