Teachers and Content Areas

After watching teachers who did not major in the subjects they were teaching,  I was sorry for the students for the pitiful education they were receiving.  Teachers without much knowledge in English literature are teaching Honors courses and refuse to use the authentic Shakespeare plays by substituting some simplified, insipid “version” of the great Bard.  They do not want to use the Honors vocabulary list because they do not know the words themselves and refuse to look them up.  Teachers who did not major in mathematics are teaching Honors math courses.  Teachers who studied US History exclusively are teaching Global Studies without much understanding of the world. There are Physics teachers who majored in Biology or Math. Some students educate themselves in spite of these conditions.  Those who do not have the initiative suffer.  Hence we observe achievements below what could have been accomplished.  While the teacher unions are warring about benefits, they should also look at the competence of their members.  Maybe, if the compensations are worthwhile, people who are academically conscientious will choose to become teachers.

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