Dr. Varghese Devassy Pynadath

Once there was a just man, a righteous man

Whose life touched many and more.

Honor and dignity wreathed his brows

And duty beckoned him in every style.

He did not shirk, he did not buckle;

Steadfast he was in all life’s callings.

From his core to the corridors

Resounded his watchword, ‘ethics’.

Diminutive though he was,

Here was a giant of a man

Whose shoulders bore the bulk

Of all his profession

With surefooted ease and rectitude.

Now that he has passed

Into the pages of memory,

His sons, his daughter, and the wife of his life

Yearn for his presence and long for his love,

A love that nourished their lives before

And a love that will bless their futures.

6 thoughts on “Dr. Varghese Devassy Pynadath

  1. Beautiful tribute. How are you doing? I will try to stop by tomorrow after my doctor’s check up to bring you the articles and the FM donation forms. Liz

  2. Your poems are so moving! The emotions are nearly tangible enough to touch. Our prayers are with you, Rosy Auntie!

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