From Nothing

Into blackness I descend,

Seeking the lost “me”,

Lost to the negatives of my life-

The poking and pulling-

The constant barrage of blames-

“Ich”, “aham” – where are they?

Do I voice my wants?

Do I choose?

I cannot grasp a hand; I have no foothold.

Always there is emptiness when I seek

A helping hand, a listening ear-

Always the emptiness-

Fight, fight,

Fight the blackness.

Do not descend into the vortex,

Into dark pools of nothingness-

Fight, fight for glimpses of light,

For finding “me”.

I exist, I live,

I rise above the nothingness.

But, the fight takes its toll

And it takes longer and longer

To come back to myself.

The turmoils wait to devour

And send me to oblivion.

How long  can I hold on to ‘me’?

“Have faith”,

The Eternal Dove whispered,

Not in tongues of flame,

Not in a gush of wind,

But, in gentle syllables

Of feather touches

That stroked

And caressed me

To hold me to me,

To stop the spiral

And to enter into light-

I am here!

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