A Shooting Star

In stellar splendor,
Stars stippled the ebon dome
And pricked the dark.

The horned crescent,
Luminous, slender and keen,
Watched in resplendence.

The ominous comet-
The heavenly visitor
Of Valley Cultures-

Hale-Bopp has returned,
Tail ablaze to watch tech age-
The past-present seer!

In blinking pathos
Urban lights weakly glimmered,
Dotting the city-

Pathetic apers,
Under celestial brilliance
Paled, lack-lustered.

But lives huddled
In the dim sheen of man-made lights-
Their own, their very own lights.

Look, a star shot down
In swift descent, leaving heights,
Aiming for low lands.

Steep was the decline
Of this Lucifer’s fall
And stark was the loss in the heavens.

What caused this headlong fall?
A surfeit of high delights-
A satiety or cloying?

Earthbound non-luminary:
Come to bitter sweet
And taste with us the fruits of sweat.

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