Elephant at My Window

Someone always comes
To my window, visiting,
Asking for no welcomes,
Yet, all the same questing.

Often, it’s a swallow,
Face always aturning,
Beady eyes to allow
Some impertinent learning.

I have seen a crow
Many times this year,
Eager to fill his craw,
Hungry for a corn-ear.

A squirrel wasn’t shy
To sit upon the sill,
Hurrying teeth to pry
The nutmeat without a spill.

The neighbor’s tabby mewed
In genuine frustration
As the window grill proved
Hard for penetration.

The wand’ring mongrel poked
Through the window grill;
In expectation peeked
Every day like a drill.

But, I never saw an elephant
Stopping at the window;
Yet, I truly did not lament
The tusker’s absent bow.

Until one day, at the window,
Surprised I was to see
The grey mammoth pass below
And, atremble was my knee.

He walked by, though unbound,
Without a touch, a glance or bend,
Without a crunch or sound;
Majestic was his head’s intent!

Now that I’ve seen an elephant
Outside my very window,
I’ve seen all I need or want
And, I’ll stand away, I vow!

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