Winter Haiku

Winter’s frigid ice

On the crystal star

Reflects cold light spears.

Sharp are the angles

Of the hard and wayward heart,

Wntry like ice freeze.

Numb with cold, pain’s gone;

Freezing cold wraps around wounds,

Living held at bay.

Winter landscape shrouded;

Snow drifts drew patterns in swirls

Of winter language.

Snowfalls hid tree barks;

Starving squirrels and deer gnawed,

Digging below snow.

A pallid full moon

Silvered exposed green slivers,

Shadow conifers.

Snow layers lifted

In the wake of warm spring breeze

To bid “Goodbye  Winter”!

2 thoughts on “Winter Haiku

  1. And Hello Spring!Great Haiku. could put that to music.I remember when I was teaching kids to write them as part of Outdoor Ed teaching I did so many many years ago. Loved reading what the kids wrote as well.(By the way, some squirrels may be starving in the wild… but not the ones in our backyard!) Good to see you today. but sorry it was because we were both attending the service for Sue.Liz


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