Dawn lit in

A pall of gray,

Sun in hiding,

And clouds above trees,

Sand and sea,

Looming pewter.


Sound of arrows

Hissing through air!

Sharp downpour

Of relentless torrents

Piercing straight!

Vaguely luminous,

The leaves glistened!


Droplets splashed

Into sand puddles,

Water, streaking,

Leapt up

Like petals unfurling, 

Mimicking a dervish!


Intricate flowers

Splayed out in mud,

In pixels of water,

Drenching leaves.

Light reflected

On coconut leaves

In silver streaks.


Wind buffeted 

In slaughtering fury;

Branches shook

In tremors

Of browns and grays

With speckled green.


The lashing rain


The terrible beauty

Of the Monsoon.


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