On A Deck By The Adriatic

Silver poured out

From the full moonface 

And molten light shone

Upon crinkled waters.

Wind rose above

And tides leapt up,

Tossing the vessel not too gently. 

The wavelets rose in height

And foamed in undulating lines

The walker on the deck swayed,

But stepped briskly forward

While the increasing turbulence

Whipped the long strands

Into a disarray of Medussa hair.

The threads of snakes lashed

At cheeks and eyes,

Clouding sight and sound.

Rocking and rolling,

The vessel sailed

While the passengers swayed

As if mimicking drunken sailors.

The solitary walker forged ahead,

Enduring buffets and onslaught, 

Resolute and firm,

To face another fury,

To face another day-

To face an unkind future.

3 thoughts on “On A Deck By The Adriatic

  1. Rosy First post in a long time and it went to my junk mail! Good thing I checked. Glad to see you are still writing. Where you in the Adriatic recently? I could feel like I was walking on the rocking dock also

    We were in NC in May and then busy with kids track and Eli’s basketball games and then Lily’s HS graduation! Paul and I are recovering from bad colds – I cough when I talk so I have not been not been calling anyone for conversations. Hope I get over it soon. Liz

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