When did grey clouds appear

Suddenly to blot out my sunshine?

The leaden sky loomed

Above my light-filled thoughts

And my gladness wavered

To fill me with morbid thoughts.


Why did my moods change

When images crowd in

To misshape my feelings,

To color my emotions,

And to play hide-and-seek

Through the portals of my mind?


My window panes, 

Often streaked with crystalline drops

Of yesterday’s rains,

Made me witness the changes

In the outside world

In perplex reactions.


And should I change too?

Why can’t  my rainbows 

Stay iridescent always

To make all my days

Sunny and bright?

1 thought on “Why?

  1. I agree! Why does our mind have to wander back to days less happy?? I work often to find contentment and do, but then old memories come back. I guess that is just what life is all about. The happy days with the sad ones popping up. Liz

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