Whisper of God

There is no one to share my laughter; 

There is no one to wipe my tears.

In the waning rays of the sun,

I see the twilight of my years;

Shadows of coconut leaves crisscross

In the fading light like a lattice of memories.

Summer gales have ended

The green tumult of my youth;

I sit in solitude,

As autumn glides in aureate breeze

WIth gentle touches around my face

Calming the bygone vagaries and upheavals

Into maturing reflections 

Of clemency and purgation.

In these quieted moments, 

The fragrance of dusk wafts in

The redolence of jasmine and nightqueen

Spiced with the pungent lantana.

I look far into the bamboo grove

Where slender trunks rise up to the sky,

Swaying in the breeze, bowing right and left.

I hear the suspiration and sussuration 

Of grassy leaves conversing

And I hear the whisper of God

Granting benediction.






5 thoughts on “Whisper of God

  1. So well expressed in this time of confinement and isolation. By the way, I am very much enjoying the JPL Book Club choice —A Gentleman in Moscow. They will do a discussion via Zoom on Aug 28. Such excellent writing and ways of expressing things, references and different world views Light reading also at this stressful time. Liz

  2. I loved the ending: beautiful and very meaningful!!!
    I checked meanings of the words so many times. The word “sussuration” caught my attention.

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