Love in Spring

I breathed love

In Spring’s fragrance

When cherry blossoms showered

Soft white ovals

On my palms,

On my hair,

On my lashes

And on my nosetips,


With the flutter of gentle breeze

When I walked on cushioned softness

Under my feet, on the white carpet

Which smoothed the green spikes

Of the meadow grass.


2 thoughts on “Love in Spring

  1. The feeling of Spring so well expressed!

    We are back home after 2 weeks on the Cape. We leave for camping on Nick’s Lake at Old Forge up north. The Custers will be camping as well. We may have rain and cold weather and as a result, might come home earlier than expected. Otherwise, we will be back by Oct 10.

    I will catch up on the rest of my e-mails then.

    Hope all is well with you, So sad to hear about the death of Maryann’s sister Stell. Liz

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