Thoughts unravel

In moments of loneliness

Or, is it in solitude?

Days have become droplets of time

Crashing into the ones before

With no thoughts given

To any meaning or certitude.


I breathe clouds,

Suspiration fogging life’s mirror.

Clarity has escaped

And there were no answers.

Is it a vacuum I exist in

Or, am I in the woods

On meandering paths

Blocked by brambles

Of tangled memories-

Some sweet, some bitter

And some bittersweet.

Where is the half-remembered youth

With its amorphous hopes

Which never furled

And withered on the wayside?

Dreams became fettered

And looked askance at love

That germinated

At odd moments

And flourished at random

To melt like feathery flakes

On nose to leave damp spots

To nurture in drought years.

In the twilight, the memories  twinkled

But the smudged lines obliterated

Crystalline memories

And left one baffled,

Reaching for the tangible,

Something to hold,

Something to feel,

To sustain a life left rudderless.


2 thoughts on “Tangles

  1. Such a powerful and soulful retrospection. I can understand all that you are trying to express.. I can feel the loneliness, the wistfulness….the thoughts of what was and what might have been. I hope that your ship finds a rudder to steer you to happier, more fulfilling times. Liz

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