In those salad days,
Throngs of nubile girls,
In their teenage frenzy,
Waltzed through
The portals of academia-
While leafing through
The parchments of memory,
A vivacious presence sauntered in,
With curly hair parted
In two loose insoucient braids
And a wide smile.
As it always happens,
Time sped not in seconds,
But in decades!
And the meeting was propitious!
Because, the promise of the teen years
Has matured to a captivating,
Multifaceted adult
Of the same wide smile
And much more.
With a lightness of spirit
And compassion,
The blithe mien
Masking sage and serious ideals,
Jenny of today
Has entered the stage.

3 thoughts on “Jenny

  1. Well done! Who is “Jenny”?? We are just back from visit to see our friends Sue and Phil Bullwinkel. Wish they lived closer – they are in Sanford NC now. (used to be in Clarks Summit, PA Your poem takes me back to our younger days. Liz

    • After all these years, I met her as my roommate in Croatia. She invited to be her roommate. She was two years ahead of me in college. We were in the same dorm. We were good together during the trip. She lives close to Baltimore. She wanted to know when I was going to write about her. So I wrote.

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