of a not so rosy world


Homage to Annie

On the wings of fancy,

I travelled to Paradise,

Adventured in Arabia,

Climbed Olympus

And sparkled in fairy dust-

Timeless gifts

Of untold pleasures,

More precious

Than diadems and gems-

All showered from one

Whose voice is a memory

And whose gentle smile

Is pressed between pages

Of pensive recollections.


I stood in front of a name

Etched on the wall of monuments

And the face swam in front

Of eyes swimming in tears

And yearning for a look, a voice,

Or a smile!


I could not raise a sound

To pay homage to that voice

That stilled for our times;

My eyes could not open

To see those eyes bent in kindness

And the smile that blossmed

Perpetually, never wavering,

Never skewed in complaint,

Always taking in the arrows

Shot by life’s crossfire

It is the benefice

And benediction

Of my todays!



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3 thoughts on “Homage to Annie

  1. I can see Annie, who read to you or told you stories when you were young and who is no longer with you… ….an older sister, cousin, a teacher perhaps/? Liz

  2. What a beautiful poem about loss and grief. I love the imagery of how you were able to travel a visit places far away through Annie’s stories. I also love the strength you portray in her ability to take in the arrows that life shot her way. She seems like a remarkable woman who left an indelible mark on your life. We should all be so lucky to have Annie’s in our lives!

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