Chaos of Visits

The crow had been cawing

All through the morning

And that foretold the advent

Of visitors any time.

Oh, but what can I do?

The house is not ready!

Is it messy, is it clean?

Run around and check

Every nook and corner,

Every room and porch,

And every piece of furniture!

What about the food?

Will they stay long?

Is it enough to have a snack

Or is a meal expected?

With trepidation, the thought wriggle in:

The stay could be prolonged!

So many things to do

And so little time!

I am bound in cliches now.

What an unusual state it is!

I detest cliches

2 thoughts on “Chaos of Visits

  1. Finally saw this previous post! I could really relate the the Chaos of Visits as we had a similar situation recently. Clean and clean and shop for food etc. But our guests had guests of their own and joined us later! They were happy with ice cream and didn’t care how the house looked. Anyway, it was a good excuse to clean the house! Liz

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