Rambling Thoughts

Is the world fragmenting into smithereens ?

There was a time when I believed in democracy, social justice, learning, truth, honor, decency, and so many other intangibles that defined humanity! I still believe in them, but I see the waning of these ideals around me: internationally, nationally and locally.

Now, I see the shattered humanity. Dignity is in shreds.  World leaders wear despotic miens and the populace meander amid  false propaganda and self-serving politicians.  The vast majority has to leave their fates in the hands of a few. The oligarchical and plutocratic miasma clouds democracy.

1 thought on “Rambling Thoughts

  1. Smithereens! My mother used that word and I haven’t heard it in so many years!
    I also used to be optimistic, but no longer. Are we becoming cynical in our old age?
    No, this world and our specific part of it is the reason for our concern.

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