Taunting Grief

Grief is ruthless,

Taunting till one grips it!

Shed or unshed,

Tears tried in vain

To wash away the grief

That happened suddenly

And surprisingly.

Whether affecting slowly

Or striking with lightning speed,

One is never ready

To withstand the onslaughts,

The ever widening eddies!

Where is the foothold

To stop the sinking,

The infinite whirl

That is relentless

And giddying?

Try this, try that;

Talk, walk, do something.

Yet, there is no end

To this maddening swirl,

The ever widening whirl of grief.

But, there has to be a pause.

A sudden brake

Or a slow lowering pedal

That comes to complete stop

To the maddening depth

That sucks one in,

Leaving only dry leaves

Of plausible memories.

Is there a hand reaching down

Or a branch within grasp?

Does this have to be eternal?

Reach out for someone,

For a consoling gesture,

Or a shoulder to cry on.

It is always an extrovert

Who endures quietly,

The silent grief

Unperceived by the world,

However  excruciating !

Is there anyone out there?

Is that a cry in the wilderness,

A cry that wafts with the breeze

That waltzes by, unnoticed?

Is there a Providence

To pull one out of this abyss?

Or  reach in

To the core of entity

To find oneself

To bear the grief

That almost toppled

The very existence.

2 thoughts on “Taunting Grief

  1. So moving. Grief does not pass, and you have expressed the feeling so well that just keeps popping up sometimes unexpectedly despite what we do to try to push it away or at least into the background. As I think of your loss, I also think of Catherine who has is marking just one year since she lost Michael. LIz

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