Green of Hope

Time is tired,

Trees are fatigued,

And the year is nearing the end;

The leaves have shed green

And have donned

A conflagration of colors

Only to be dwindling

To mute hues of grays and browns.

The nights are lengthening

And stars are brilliant;

But days have diminished

Into brief periods.

The nude trees stand sentinel

But to what end?

No one knows!

The bare branches

Stretch in supplication;

Again, to what gain?

The birds have fled;

The animals are drowsy.

White has shrouded the land

And held it in a freezing vise.

Men huddled

Around tiny fires

For light, for warmth

And waited…

Keeping hope alive

By tales of former times

For the green of grass .

4 thoughts on “Green of Hope

  1. Another wonderfully descriptive poem. Heard from MaryAnn that you are back from Amsterdam and had a wonderful visit with Joseph and family as well as touring the area. Did you hear that Gail Elmendorf just passed? She was suffering with pancreatic cancer for months and had been with Jeff and family, just returned last week, died in Albany hospital. So sad – she had just retired before she got sick. Husband Bob is not well at all and my still be with Jeff. We never know what life will bring. Best to enjoy each moment of each day. LIz

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