Politics For Anyone?

What a morass! On one side is the ‘one who cannot see facts for what they are’ and on the other side is the fickle politician. On one side is the party’s reject and on the other side is the party’s darling!  Then there is the scourge of the trap that is our system. The voters sit back and pat themselves saying that nothing can be done. They have accepted a status quo that excludes the majority. The government of the people does not exist and yet the large majority is content with the passive role. The iniquity of the press is intolerable. It fails to the watchdog of the people in order to protect a healthy democracy. The country has a hung Supreme Court and one does not hear a major outcry.  The Congress has failed in governing because the interests of the Party come before the interests of the American people. The Congress has failed in carrying out their constitutional duties. It is their duty to take a vote on the nomination for a SC justice, nominated by the President. It is their duty to come up with a budget, instead of trying to shut down the government while their salaries are untouched. This Congress has made every effort to nullify the best efforts of the sitting President who was elected by the majority of the popular vote. This is all done to protect the interests of the majority party and to give it an opportunity to save ‘face’ .

What is an American to do?

2 thoughts on “Politics For Anyone?

  1. Rosy Great article! Here is one I would like to share about Mr. Trump! The only specific plan he has given on anything will in effect not only ruin the US, but our planet as well! Liz Trump uses energy speech to outline general election pitch BISMARCK, N.D. — Presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump unveiled an “America first” energy plan he said would unleash unfettered production of oil, coal, natural gas and other energy sources to push the United States toward energy independence. But the speech, delivered at the annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota, went far beyond energy, as Trump laid out, in his most detail to date, a populist general election pitch against likely rival Hillary Clinton. Trump delivered the policy address just hours after The Associated Press determined he had won the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican presidential nomination. He focused on coal, in particular, to help make his case against Clinton, his likely Democratic opponent in the general election. Trump said Thursday he would do everything he could “free up the coal” and bring back thousands of coal jobs lost amid steep competition from cheaper natural gas and regulations designed to cut air pollution and reduce greenhouse gases blamed for global warming. Trump also promised Thursday to cancel the Paris climate agreement and stop all payments of U.S. tax money to a United Nations fund to mitigate effects of climate change worldwide. He is among many Republicans who reject mainstream climate science. He has called climate change a “con job” and a “hoax” and suggested it is a Chinese plot “to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, said Trump’s “so-called energy plan” was “an unmitigated disaster. It’s clear that Donald Trump would bankrupt our air, water and climate just like he’s bankrupted his businesses.” Brune called Trump a climate-change denier and said “his fossil fuel comeback plan is a dirty fantasy disconnected from economic realities and our moral imperative to transition to clean energy. There are open pools of oil in North Dakota right now that are deeper than Trump’s understanding of energy issues.” North Dakota is at the heart of America’s oil boom and now is the second largest oil-producing state after Texas, thanks largely to huge reserves in the oil-rich Bakken region and advances in fracking and other drilling technology. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-uses-energy-speech-to-outline-general-election-pitch/2016/05/26/0c589e8c-23b5-11e6-b944-52f7b1793dae_story.html

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