Test Scores and Education – a comment

Comment on “SAT scores hit eight-year high in Va.; D.C. also sees gains” By Donna St. George and Nick Anderson, Thursday, September 26, 12:01 AM

I agree with ecat1246@gmail.com.  I have seen grade inflation and poor quality content areas.  The state test scores for my students aligned with my own grades while many of my colleagues had students who “excelled” in their classes and failed the state exams.  This is in New York state.  The brightest in the schools escape if they take their own studies in hand without depending on the  teachers.  But, they are shortchanged when they do not receive exposure to more academic challenges.  I advice my students to wean themselves from teachers and learn to stand on their own feet as much as they can.  Canned tests and scripted lessons do not create an educated graduate.  The nation is inclining to this mode of teaching.  Luckily, there are still some vestiges of good teaching left where students may be able to delve deeper into their subjects.  True education is not memorizing and regurgitating some answers, but being able to acquire a discipline that could be applied to any situation the student faces in life and career.

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