April Snow

The most daunting was

The surprise, the shock of it,

When flakes hurried down

In a pelter of madness,

After the glimpse of warmth

When the sun coursed, already,

Into the House of Ram!

Floating and wafting,

In a swirl of tossed down

Like those from an epic battle

Of enormous pillows thwacking

In a pajama game of giants,

The snow flakes swayed

In a danse macabre ,

In a relentless fury

Of mad moves and insane steps

Of a whirling dervish

Of far away climes.

Suddenly, the quiet settled

Like a pall over the land

And the flurries gentled

To a slow stop

That ended the rage.

2 thoughts on “April Snow

  1. Wonderfully descriptive!

    By the way, did you see the fireworks from your house? There was a huge crowd. Dina Sapone came with us.


    • Thank you.

      I saw the fireworks and I saw them coming close to the house. There were debris on the grass, the driveway and the deck. I was cringing when they came over my head. The organizers do not care about the safety of those who live around. The high ones had a trajectory that curved towards the houses. Maybe they should study physics. I cannot let it go. I was scared.

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