For life and the Living

I am a Catholic who is for the lives of both the born and the unborn. Whoever wins the Presidential election will not have anything to do in overturning the Roe vs. Wade.  That action is in the hands of the lawmakers, not in the hands of the Presidents.  So, it is very hard to understand the fervor of some Bishops in inciting the congregations in support of the Republican candidates whose known policies will go against the seven Corporal Mercies of the Church. The Ryan budget and the Romney attitude towards cupidity are very anti-Catholic.  It will be  better for the laity to have spiritual leaders instead of political maneuverers.

1 thought on “For life and the Living

  1. Rosy! I am in firm agreement with you. I believe in the continued separation of Church and State. It confuses me to think that just because we have Roe vs Wade that Catholics will go out and have abortions. Choice is the word, safe is the need. Those who follow their faith will practice no need to outlaw eating pork (Jewish), drinking coffee (Mormons) etc. There have been reports of CEO’s instructing their corporation employees to vote for the candidate who has the best interest of the corporation! Bishops seem to be doing the same. Neither should be trying to “intimidate” those under their control. Keep writing! Liz

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